Sunday, June 8, 2014

Writing Historical Fiction (Setting)

This year students wrote a historical fiction piece on one of 6 time periods: Colonization, Revolutionary War, Civil War, Underground Railroad, the Gold Rush, or the Oregon Trail. Students used resources I placed on Google drive as well as informational books to gather information on the time period they selected.

Once they had all their research they needed a way to weed through it all, pulling out only the information they wanted/needed to shape the setting of their piece. To aid them in this process a graphic organizer was provided in which they had to think about what the setting felt like, sounded like, looked like, etc.
Historical Fiction Setting Graphic Organizer Page 1

Historical Fiction Setting Graphic Organizer Page 2

Using this graphic organizer really helped students visualize the setting of their historical fiction piece prior to beginning the drafting process. Grab a FREE copy now by going HERE.